Self Care Sunday #4 – The Pros Of Having a Planner

I have said before that self care goes beyond doing things that you want to do, and in fact, a lot of self care is doing things that you have to do. One of these such things is organization. I am a serial procrastinator, which means I tend to avoid doing things until the last possible second, it also means I’m not always the most organized. I always get things done, but not without more stress than is generally needed. So to take care of myself, I try to sit down and write things in a planner.

I haven’t been super successful at actually following through with a planner in the past, but I’m trying especially hard right now, and I’ve found having a planner that I love the look of has helped me with follow trough. I try to put everything in my planner, literally my entire life. My planner goes beyond my assignment due dates and study schedule (I’m a student), I have doctors appointments, dinner dates with friends, I even have a gym schedule in my planner. Do I always follow through with these plans? Not at all, I’d be lying if I said I focused on more than just school stuff. The important thing for me though is that I’m trying to keep everything physically written out in one place. When I’m overwhelmed and spinning, it helps me to be able to look at a filled out planner.

My suggestion for this week? Get a planner, or at the very least, write a to do list. Its not the most enjoyable task, and it defiantly isn’t something thats considered pampering. For a lot of us though, especially my fellow visual learners, It helps keep our thoughts and ideas strait.


What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

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