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Self Care Sunday #8 – Melt Your Stress Away With A Diffuser!

This Christmas, I was given a diffuser, and to say I’m obsessed is an extreme understatement. There is something about surrounding myself in a scent that centres me and allows me to rest that is truly amazing. 

This Sunday I am recommending something a little more expensive, and a little more involved, but it is also something that I truly believe in. To me, a diffuser reminds me of the feeling of sitting in a scented bath, just without all the water. Because I love peppermint scented bath bombs, and I have a peppermint scented oil for my diffuser, the feeling are similar.
I tend to prefer the diffuser when I’m busy though, mostly because when I have a bath I’m doing it to totally shut down, and sometimes I just don’t have time to do that. The beauty of a diffuser is that  I can get the feeling of soaking myself in a lovely and calming scent, while I’m studying, reading, or organizing my calendar.
When I turn My diffuser on it’s time for me to breath deeply while I’m doing something that involves me quietly sitting at my desk and working on things for myself. 

The diffuser I have is the VicTsing 300ML Essential Oil Diffuser, BPA-Free Wood Grain Whisper Quiet Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Color LED Lights – Black Brwon

My Diffuser

I Throughly love this diffuser, the sleek design looks amazing in my bedroom and on my desk, but beyond that, it is so so relaxing. This has to do with both the way it diffuses essential oils as well as the adjustable LED light. The fact that I can change the light at will is a nice feature because I can adjust it to any mood, and I can adjust it to help me sleep.

The essential oil I love to use in my diffuser is the Ellia™ Peppermint Therapeutic Grade 15 ml. Essential Oil
Peppermint essential oil I love
I’m a sucker for anything peppermint, so it makes sense that I’m obsessed with this oil. But I also love it because it’s uplifting, and I feel like I’m surrounded in a cloud of comfort and happiness when my bedroom is filled with this scent.
If essential oils aren’t your thing, I know Saje has some wonderful blends.

 If you don’t like the look of my specific diffuser, have no fear! Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and even Walmart sells diffusers. They come in all sorts of sizes, colours, and price ranges. They’re accessible, and there’s really no reason to not at least look into it if you think a diffuser could work for you. I know this suggestion is a little more, but I promise I wouldn’t be suggesting it if I didn’t believe in it.

What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

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Self Care Sunday #7 – New Year, New Care

Well, I know I sort of disappeared, but I’m Baaaaaaack! Just in Time to kick off 2018! Today is the first Sunday of 2018. So I figured it was only appropriate to make my comeback with a post about how to prepare yourself for the year ahead. In this Self Care Sunday  I”m going to talk about how you can most successfully prepare yourself for 2018, and I’m also going to go over my number one self care suggestion.

So I’m going to start by talking about my favourite  self care discoveries from 2017, and the first one that I want to note, also happens to be my most go to self care suggestion.
Take a break, and put yourself first.
This tip is the reason that I started Self Care Sunday to begin with. When I’m making these self care suggestions what I’m really trying to say is “put yourself first”. I’ve said it a million times, but self care isn’t just having a bath, or listening to music, it’s also work. It’s doing things like cleaning the space around you, or sitting down and planning the week ahead of you, or even setting goals. Putting yourself first means doing things for yourself.
In a society where we are pushed to go faster, longer, and harder, it can sometimes feel lazy and selfish to put yourself first. Because there are so many people depending on us, and so much we have to do on a daily basis, we don’f feel like we have time for ourselves. As a result of this, we are stressed out, burnt out, and worn out. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of pushing myself too hard and ignoring my self care. I’m the girl that for a stupidly long time lived by the words “If I’m not burnt out I’m not working hard enough”, and I for sure still fall into this toxic cycle. The moral is, I’m not perfect, but I’m actively trying to improve my self care, and now I live by the words “remember to take a break and treat yourself”. 2017 was a year of learning about what I need to do to take care of myself, and I hope that in 2018 I can  use my little slice of internet to share this.

And Finally, I’m going to share my number one tip for preparing for 2018.
Get organized and stay organized.
I am the queen of getting myself organized for 24 hours, and then immediately falling back into my old ways of disheveledness. However, in those 24 hours  of organization, I feel better than ever. For this reason, I encourage you to go into 2018 in some semblance of organization, and I challenge you to stick to it for at least the moth of January. I’ve already written a post on the benefits of keeping a planner, and that is one of the ways I attempt to stay organized.  Alas though, I always forget it exists, but in 2018 I’m challenging myself to stick with it.
I’m also going into 2018 with a clean space around me. Meaning, my bedroom is spotless, and I’ve re organized my vanity area. The benefits of having a clean and organized space are endless, but specifically, it will help to keep your mind clear if you don’t have to worry about clutter.
The long and the short of it is, if I can stay organized, you can stay organized, at least for January. Let’s see if we can do this together!

I hope your 2017 taught you a lot, and even if is wasn’t your best year,  I hope you’re entering 2018 with fond memories. I also hope to be around a lot more in 2018, so if you have any requests or suggestions for Self Care Sunday posts, be sure to leave them in the comments! 

What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

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Self Care Sunday (Thursday?) #6 – Have a Cup Of Tea

Fist and for most, I apologize for my extended absence. I explain this a little more in depth my very fist “Lets Talk” post.  And yes, I know that its technically a Thursday, but I figured that I owed you guys a self care tip.

One of the simplest ways to take care of yourself is to just take a second, relax, and have a hot cup of tea (or coffee, but I don’t do caffein). Theres something extremely calming about putting on the kettle and steeping a cup of tea, especially when its in my favourite mug .Which so happens to be any of the mugs from Indigo Books.

But I especially love this “Tea Freak” mug!

Tea Freak Mug

In my favourite mug, I love to steep peppermint tea . I appreciate the fact that it can calm my stomach (because I definitely need that when I’m anxious). I drink it mostly though because it’s caffine free and I love the taste of it. At this point I’m pretty sure I’m made of 90% peppermint tea. In a day I’ll have minimum one, sometime more like three or four teas, it really depends where my stress level is, and how close I am to a Starbucks.

So my tip this week? Take a break, put on the kettle, and make yourself some tea.

And yes, there will be a self care Sunday post up this Sunday!

What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

Lets Talk Self Care Sunday

Sometimes self care is not doing something. The last few weeks of my life have been unreasonably stressful and overwhelming, and I’m not going to lie to you, I probably had the time to have gotten it done, but I just couldn’t find the energy. When I’m In a place like this, I tend to run on willpower alone, and the last couple of weeks, I’ve only had the willpower to attend school and mandatory activities. Thats not to say that I don’t see my blog as a commitment, but unfortunately its what suffered in my quest to take care of myself.

Right now, I post Self Care Sunday weekly, and I apologize for missing the last few weeks, I hope to post something soon. I sincerely hope this will not happen again, because I really like posting self care tips weekly, and I hope that these posts are helping people, and I don’t want to let you guys down.

As I’m a full time university student things are quite hectic right now, but I hope to get on top of a posting schedule soon!

Thank you all so much for the understanding, I’ll be posting something a little more upbeat soon.

Self Care Sunday #5 – The Art Of A Hot Shower

In preparation for the week ahead, try to have a hot shower as part of your self care routine this Sunday. Not just any hot shower though, a purposeful and rejuvenating hot shower. Something I’ve learned about showers, is that there is a difference between showering, and having a hot, relaxing shower. I tend to turn to the comforting warmth of a hot shower to wash away any stress that I may have accumulated over the weekend.

When I shower, I love to listen to music, and of course I sing along. My shower head thinks I have a beautiful voice, though I think my family may disagree. In all seriousness though, music allows me to complexity zone out and relax as the hot water washes away my problems.

To listen to music in the shower, I highly recommend using a waterproof bluetooth speaker. I use the Monster SuperStar BackFloat Bluetooth Speaker

Monster Bluetooth SpeakerI love this speaker because it allows me to have a speaker directly in the shower with me so I can actually hear what I’m listening to over the running water. When I have this speaker in the shower with me, I know I’m having a shower that is going to relax me, and allow my mind to rest.

While Showering is also important for general self care purposes, this Sunday I want you to have a shower that does more that just clean your body, I want you to have a shower that cleanses your mind (And your hair, check out my hair care routine!)

What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page! 


Self Care Sunday #4 – The Pros Of Having a Planner

I have said before that self care goes beyond doing things that you want to do, and in fact, a lot of self care is doing things that you have to do. One of these such things is organization. I am a serial procrastinator, which means I tend to avoid doing things until the last possible second, it also means I’m not always the most organized. I always get things done, but not without more stress than is generally needed. So to take care of myself, I try to sit down and write things in a planner.

I haven’t been super successful at actually following through with a planner in the past, but I’m trying especially hard right now, and I’ve found having a planner that I love the look of has helped me with follow trough. I try to put everything in my planner, literally my entire life. My planner goes beyond my assignment due dates and study schedule (I’m a student), I have doctors appointments, dinner dates with friends, I even have a gym schedule in my planner. Do I always follow through with these plans? Not at all, I’d be lying if I said I focused on more than just school stuff. The important thing for me though is that I’m trying to keep everything physically written out in one place. When I’m overwhelmed and spinning, it helps me to be able to look at a filled out planner.

My suggestion for this week? Get a planner, or at the very least, write a to do list. Its not the most enjoyable task, and it defiantly isn’t something thats considered pampering. For a lot of us though, especially my fellow visual learners, It helps keep our thoughts and ideas strait.


What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

Self Care Sunday #3 – Sheet Mask Life

Note: So I know its technically Monday, but this week life happened and I was unable to get this post out on Sunday, But I still wanted to post my self care tip for the week.

One of my absolute favourite things to do as a treat for myself is a face mask. I love laying down and feeling like my skin is getting a treat as I allow myself to relax. A face mask always gives me an extra pep in my step, after I’ve had a mask on I feel like I can take on the world. However, I don’t always have time to put on a wash off mask, so I heavily rely on sheet masks to give me that extra boost. Because many of them don’t require you to rinse the excess serum off, sheet masks are easy to throw on before I leave the house (for my makeup free days).

One of my absolute all time favourite Sheet masks is the
SEPHORA COLLECTION (Sheet) Face Mask – In Rose

It soothes and hydrates my overly dry skin. I love, and highly recommend this mask.

What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

Self Care Sunday #2 – Strip Those Pores

Using a pore strip is ann incredibly quick and easy way to pamper yourself this Sunday. I like to have a hot shower (Sunday is normally hair washing day too, so you know it’s a long hot shower) and then apply a pore strip as soon as I get out. I mean I don’t even dry my face off, just, BAM, slap that pore strip on there. I like to apply them after a hot shower because, well a) my pores are open from the copious amounts of steam that can only come with having a shower that is arguably hotter than the surface of the sun, and b) it saves on time. I can let the strip dry on my face while I dry the rest of me. Its not like I have to take any extra time to pamper myself, so this is a good one if you’re short on time.

I use the BIORÉ pore strips 

Now you may be asking yourself, “jordananne, why are pore strips self care?” Well, I use pore strips as part of my self care routine because I like the little things in life. In other words, I find looking at all the gunk that comes out of nose super satisfying, well and I throughly enjoy having a smooth nose. Self care doesn’t always have to be something that takes hours to do, it doesn’t even have to be something that you take specific time to do, self care is just doing something for yourself. It is incredibly important to have these quick self care things in your arsenal, because sometimes you need a pick me up, but you don’t necessarily have a ton of time.

What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

Self Care Sunday #1 – Have A Bath!

When I find myself exceptionally overwhelmed, one of my favourite things to do is have a bath. I find being totally encased in hot water calming and extremely grounding. I use this time to read my book, listen to a podcast (through a waterproof speaker of course), or to just simply close my eyes and relax into the water that is surrounding me. I love using baths as my own special time to unwind, and its a very common way that I take care of myself.

Normally when I have a bath I use a bath bomb, here are some of my favourites!

  1. LUSH Avobath
  2. LUSH Intergalactic
  3. LUSH Twilight

So my self care suggestion for this Sunday is have a bath and try to relax. Because remember, it may not feel like it right now, but everything is going to be okay.


Intergalactic in action

What are you doing this Sunday to take care of yourself? Whatever you end up doing, post it on Instagram with #selfcaresunday and make sure you tag me @jordananne76 so I can see it! maybe you’ll even be featured on my #selfcaresunday page!

Self Care Sunday – What? and Why?

I firmly believe in the importance of self care because I think it is something that can be neglected. So I’ve decided to start a series on my blog called “Self Care Sunday”. I hope to have this be a weekly series where I post a self care tip every Sunday. These tips will range from doing very enjoyable things, like having a hot bath; to doing things you might not want to do as much, like cleaning your room. The important thing to remember is that sometimes self care is doing things that you don’t necessarily want to do, but things you need to do.

This week I read Travis Gretz’s “Design Machines How To Survive The Digital Apocalypse” (Link- ). In this Gretz talks about the website builder “Square Space”, and how it has made it so easy for anybody to create a website, that all of these websites are starting to look the same. I promise this has a point, because it reminded me of the way the internet has started to display the concept of “Self Care”. When somebody reads “self care” it is very likely that they only think about things that are enjoyable things, but coming from somebody who has had a lot of time to explore the concept of my own self care, self care is a lot more that just doing the enjoyable things. Sometimes self care is getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, and sometimes its just getting out of bed. No matter how the internet wants to display self care, it doesn’t have to be a full blown spa day. Self care is anything you do to take care of yourself, so if today, your self care just consists of making sure you eat breakfast, great job! And you know what? If you just can’t find the energy or motivation to get out of bed, don’t. I’ve been there, I’ve had those days where the world just feels like too much. But I want you to promise me something, if today you take care of yourself by not getting out of bed, promise me that tomorrow you’ll take care of yourself by getting out of bed and making some tea. If you focus on one thing at a time the world will feel a little less daunting, I promise.

With this series I hope to open your eyes to what self care is, and I hope I can give you some tips and tricks on how to take care of yourself on a Sunday night before the rush of Monday morning and your coming week. I also hope you can take some of these tips and work them into your everyday life!

Make sure you check back this Sunday October 8th for my fist #selfcaresunday tip.

Note: I’ll explain the hashtag in my first post